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Rowing Club


Senior Rowing Taster Day - 23rd March 2024

Sign Up for our Senior Rowing Taster Day

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Have you always wanted to try a new sport? Are you aged between 18 and 88 years of age? Come and join our Senior Rowing Squad on Saturday 23rd March 2024 to find out more and try out the great sport of rowing for FREE!

Five Reasons to Try Senior Rowing

  1. Full-body workout: Build strength, endurance, and flexibility with this low-impact exercise.

  2. Teamwork: Develop camaraderie and social skills while working together towards a common goal.

  3. Mental toughness: Learn to push your limits and persevere through challenges.

  4. Enjoy the outdoors: Experience nature while getting exercise on the rivers.

  5. Travel and compete: Explore new places, meet new people, and test your skills at regattas.

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